Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I hope all of you Mom's had a blessed Mother's Day, I did too. Karla, Kim and her family and Klint and Calli could not be with us today when the rest of us took a ride up into the King Mountain area. We missed each of them. What a refreshing way, except for when Tucker flipped over his 4-wheeler, to spend Mother's Day. Tucker is fine, just spooked him a little bit. Thanks to my family - for filling my life with joy. I am so happy for the privilege to be your Mom!

My Mother's Day began with church this morning. Ashlee Brown finished up the story of Jesus Christ's death in the Gospel of Mark. I became a Christian while reading the Gospel's, so my heart is always touched when I hear the Easter story again.

I dug out some old audio tapes last week - John MacArthur's (Grace To You) "Saved or Self-Deceived?" Such good sermons that I looked for them online and I found the transcripts! There are two. Part One and Part Two. Teachings from Matthew 7. If you have a chance I highly recommend that you check them out.

The world is full of people who call Jesus Lord, who say it with emotion and passion, Lord, Lord. And yet never ever do they turn from their sin and submit to that lordship, never do they obey the will of the Father who is in heaven. The church is full of people like this. -John MacArthur.

What a nightmare! To know that I can go through a lifetime of 'christianity', and then hear these words in eternity - "I never knew you. Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness." We should not let the sun set another day without searching our own hearts. Have I turned from sin? Am I sorry when I sin? We can't live life constantly justifying our known sins and expect God to just accept us that way because He is so understanding. He will give us strength to overcome sin - when we want to turn away from it. That is how we can know we are saved when we give up our sinful ways and live in obedience to Biblical standards.

The sunset picture was taken at the end of Mother's Day - here at home.


Constance said...

Glad my BBF had a wonderful Mother's day!


Faith said...

Sounds like you had a most wonderful day.
I love the sunset picture!

mrsjojo said...

Happy Mother's Day Connie. (a little late)
I haven't been posting lately-just needed a break after being discouraged by a couple of attempted posts disappeared. I'll give it another try. :)
I'm going to check out the John McArthur lessons that you suggested. I really like his teaching. Thanks for sharing.
I enjoyed reading your testimony. I really enjoy reading the gospels. As of lately, I've really been blessed by reading the Psalms!!


I love the thoughts,and the sunset. Glad you had such a very good Mother's Day. Glad your son was not hurt. Hope today is a great one for you also. Thanks for the post. connie from Texas

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Proud mommy of four said...

for some reason this blogger keeps deleting my comments to you today. Let me try again.
I like your comments about looking at our paths to see what we hold to so that we dont spend eternity away from the Lord. Salvation is so important.
I love the photo's. The mountains are soooo pretty.
God bless