Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Update

How about an update on my whole family today?

Doug, continues to commute to Anchorage usually leaving at five a.m.! He gets home early though so that is nice.

Me, I keep busy here at home. I did some flower garden work! Planted some dianthus, marigolds, lobelia, petunias and now I'm working on a small patch to plant a few sunflowers in. I always dream of having sunflowers as tall as I had at my other house. Ten feet tall. So far, no!

Marie moved out of our house so now lives in her own apartment, I miss her but now she stops by to say hi and now she has been working on a vegetable garden here at the lake. I love when she comes to check on it and peeks in on us. Marie blogs so it's fun to see whats been on her mind there.

Karla has been busy with wedding stuff, she is a wedding coordinator and she makes the beautiful everything! She makes save the date cards and custom to the couple and what they like or theme they want for their weddings. So she has been really busy with all of that lately. Her family has been playing baseball, going camping... but you can keep up with her at her blog too!

Kim and her family have been coming a lot to my home and I love it. The kids have been fishing in our little dory. Oh my, I didn't get out there to get a picture either. They are so cute. Ashlee caught a few pan-fryers, which she ended up putting the living ones back because she catches them then fills a bucket with lake water and saves them in there all day. One died so she ate that one. :-)

Klint and Calli, our very good neighbors, have been busy going to work and Klint has been working on his racing quad, cleaning his RV. Klint is a very neat person and so is always busy making things neat around here. He also got the shop siding pretty much done with the help of Doug and Kris.

Kris has flown off to Arizona --- AGAIN! There is a purdy young lady out there who has his head turned. He finished his college classes for the year and now has an Associates degree. Hopefully he will find a summer job when he gets back.

We all have been to the races for two weekends now. Kim's family is not racing this summer so the weekend is not as busy. Klint has been doing really well but Kris had troubles with his quad both racing weekends and didn't get to race much.

So that was an update on our family.

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