Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sharing My Basket

Well here are some pictures from our basket weaving day. I have been so busy with another website and blog that my own posting has been put off. I was prodded to post these pictures by Nancy and eMom, I was too busy to participate in Marriage Monday this time, oops!

I asked my daughter Karla of Karla Delong Weddings (wedding coordinator and party planner), where this class was held at Northland Inn, a very hospitable environment! It is open year around and the coffee and cookies were so delicious. Karla has been doing weddings and desires to do more business party planning too, she is very good at her work and she KNOWS a lot about her work, including places and people to contact for planning events that please both people and budgets.

Jill Choate's guidance was easy and she was constantly watchful for anyone having any trouble. I thoroughly enjoyed her class. Her home-schooled daughter also shared a talent of her own - Fire Poi!

Tomorrow evening we plan to get together to finish these baskets. I will take more pictures and maybe will try to be better at sharing the actual basket work!


e-Mom said...

Oh Wow, that's going to be beautiful. Black and white? With the antler too. This is exciting! Keep us posted on the progess. How are your fingers feeling?

(We missed you yesterday. :~D I hope you join us for Marriage Monday next month--for your courtship story, "The Crazy Way We Met.")

Cookie Sunshine said...

Oh, Your baskets look like so much fun! I would love to learn how to do that.

Thanks for sharing. It's fun seeing the photos.


MammyT said...

You all look like you were really having a good time. It is kind of hard on the hands. I had forgotten. I think your basket is wonderful. I love the way you worked in the ?caribou? antler. That is a stroke of genious. I don't think any 2 baskets can ever turn out just alike. It's just too personal a craft.

Jettie said...

OOHH I love them!!! how fun that must be!!They all look so neat and amazing to see how they start out!!

Constance said...

Good Morning BBF!

Next time you go I would love to join you! Oh wait, I'm what, a couple of thousand miles away! Seriously, it looks like you had a lot of fun! The pictures of the Inn were nice, it looks like a great place to stay! I can't wait to see your basket! What a fun girl's day out! I enjoy those kinds of things, hey if the guys go out fishing for a day, why can't we do something fun as well right?

The fire poi, well let's just say, I'd be a great spectator! I don't think I would be so hot (no pun intended) in performing with fire. Let's just say that that's a recipe for disaster for a natural born klutz like myself!

My daughter Jessica is helping our other daughter Laura with the details of her wedding. She enjoys that along with her photography.

So what's this I read about another blog?


Faith said...

The basket is gonna be gorgeous!!!
ENjoy the finished product....

mrsjojo said...

Looking forward to the finished project. Looks like you all had so much fun.

Connie Marie said...

My fingers are doing good now, e-Mom and the colors that I used besides natural were green, purple and black. It's hard to see in the pictures.

BBF, I built and maintain http://www.nativenewlife.org and I started a blog so that it's easier to post pictures, news. I also keep a online presence for VE Racing which is the family racing hobby.