Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Neighbor Award- from Nancy

My new blogging neighbor-friend Nancy, from "More Than Enough" (used to live here in Alaska) honored me with this special 'Good Neighbor' award awhile back.

I am thankful for being given special things, but I am forgetful so many times. Sorry for taking so long to acknowledge this special recognition, Nancy.

My daughter Kim and her daughter Lexie

Kim loved Mr. Rogers when she was young (5) and informed me that when she grew up she was going to marry Mr. Rogers. I gasped and said, "No, you can't, he's already married!" She was sad to hear that.

Now, here's me giving a few special 'Good Neighbor' awards around too.

Connie H.
Connie M.
Thank you again, Nancy.


e-Mom said...

Congratulations! A sweet award.

We watched Mr. Rogers over and over when my daughter was small. She'd stand up and sing right along with him.

Kin is very pretty. :~D

MammyT said...

I'm glad to see the good Neighbor Award making the rounds in our neighborhood. You got the April Fool's Joke. You are one very clever lady. I hope everyone is as smart as you. Send me your address. I'm sending you a prize!

MammyT said...

Your daughter is so beautiful. Like an Aleut princess. Did you see the picture of our daughter on my blog. She has the Alutiq coloring with grey-blue eyes. It was on her birthday March 20 if you want to look.

Constance said...

Today is one of those days where I feel like putting on that comfortable old cardigan sweater and curling up with a good book on the sofa!

"Won't you be my neighbor?"

Happy Day BBF!

Jettie said...

What a beautiful Daughter & Daughter!! Ahh Mister Rodgers!! I remeber him in the days before cable!! I often wondered at what has happened to him?