Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Windy Voting Night

Doug and I braved the cold winds in Wasilla to check out the voting. We got to the Republican polling site and were floored by all the cars there.

As we drove into the lot we could see a line of people down the hall and out the door and into the parking lot and - all standing in the wind! I rolled down the window and asked, "You waiting to vote?" "Yep!"

Oh my word. No way, I would not agree to stand in the wind for who knows how long in order to vote. I can't believe that people were expected to!

We decided to get some dinner and went to the local grocery store and ordered Chinese food. I fixed a big salad and we ordered hot tea. This is the way to wait to vote! Doug and I enjoyed each other for dinner. Afterwards, we picked up groceries and then went back to the polling site.

There was still a long line down the long hall and clear back to the door we had just walked through. "You want to wait?" Doug asked, "Yeah." I smiled and looked around.

I've never been to a caucus vote. I didn't realize that we had to be Republican in order to put a vote in for Ron Paul. My old voter registration has an 'R' on it so I figured I was good to go, but I wasn't. I had anticipated that it might be a problem so I had filled out the paperwork to make myself a legal 'R' before we got up to the front. I didn't keep the ones behind me waiting as I filled out the form. :-)

The windchill in Wasilla last night had to be subzero stuff. As we were driving home I noticed that the temperature was 17F! I could not believe it. It has been so cold! I was happy! As we got closer and closer to home we started losing degrees until when we finally arrived home we were at -22F!

Oh bleah!

Kind of the same way I feel about how things are shaping up in the potential-presidential field.

It's so good to know that nobody gets into high political power unless God allows it. His Will will be worked out in the spiritual arena - no matter who is in office here in the US of A.

"Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God." Romans 13:1.


Constance said...

BRRRRR! Is all I can say! WOW! I guess I shouldn't complain about how I had to turn on the furnace yesterday morning should I? We can even early vote on the primaries down here which will be nice. I early vote whenever possible! I don't like long lines for any reason! I'm too self-absorbed you know! Places to go, things to do blah, blah, blah!

Stay Warm!

Jettie said...

last nite here it was only -9!! but i guess the bottom is to drop out this weekend again!! I am thankful it has been torandos like further south!! it's just terrible!! And i have no idea who to vote for...NO idea!!!!!