Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sweet Snowy Girl

She is already one, I just don't know where the time goes but I do know that it seems to be going faster and faster - anyone else agree?

Doug sent this to me in email today. I agree with the "concerned citizen"!

What do we do with our family members or friends who won't stop using drugs? I have beeen wondering about that all day today. Seems that some people just can't control themselves when it comes to ingesting hurtful substances. Isn't there something we can do when that happens? Can't we call our ----ombudsman or something??? ha

Like any OVER-indulgence, our bodies, our families, our friends, even our minds get warped. Everything is perfectly legal when it comes to living a Christian life, but over-indulgence is a sin. It does not matter what it is - chocolate, deep-fried foods, sugar, alchohol, even prescription drugs. Taking too many vitamins and minerals can be hurtful! When we over do anything - it's to our own hurt. We need to be moderate in all things.

I encourage you to have a drug-free, non-over-indulging and practicing moderation day today. (I'm still getting the 500 internal server error when I try to run the spell-checker, is it me?)


Marie VW said...

That is cool how she looked right at your camera after her candle went out. Cute video mom. She's so funny... she must have thought that little plastic shoe was cuddly. ha.

Constance said...

How cute!!!!!!! Was that Chewy's shoe? I can't believe it's been a year already!!!! Wow!

I loved the article about the "drug" problem. It seems I had the same drug problem when I was a kid!!


Jettie said...

Hello!1 it is freezing here been blizzarding all day!! and windy windy windy!! And I was drugged to church too...We had no drug problem!! and Iam getting the same prblem with spell checker!!