Thursday, February 21, 2008

Only So Many Hours In The Day

Here I am, keeping busy - just like you!

I've been busy doing updates on the Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship website. I can spend hours on seemingly trivial little things, and if I begin reading about webbuilding or anything related to the site I'm working on, I lose track of time.

I've also been studying with Andrew Murray. I opened a little book "31 Days of Prayer" on the shelf which my daughter Marie had given as gifts when she was involved with the youth at church, several years ago.

As a young man, Andrew Murray wanted to be a minister, but it was a career choice rather than an act of faith. Not until he had finished his general studies and begun his theological training, in the Netherlands, did he experience a conversion of heart. In a letter to his parents, Murray wrote, "Your son has been born again. … I have cast myself on Christ."

According to Murray, the church does not realize that "God rules the world by the prayers of his saints, that prayer is the power by which Satan is conquered, that by prayer the church on earth has disposal of the powers of the heavenly world." -Andrew Murray, CHRISTIANITYTODAY.COM

While reading about him online, I found audio files of this book: With Christ in the School of Prayer.

Fur Rondy is gearing up to happen here in Alaska. Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship is also underway with their week-long Native Musicale. This is annual winter event that people from villages all over Alaska participate in. 41 years this year, and it's still going strong!

Mom is coming back out to us in the Valley, and my sister Kotya will be out to attend the Native Musicale with her family too! I am looking forward to many happy coffee times!


Jettie said...

Man You are one busy lady!!!!! But it all sounds interesting!! how is the weather/ it is a beautiful day here!!

e-Mom said...

Good stuff here, Connie Marie. I know very little about Andrew Murray, and I really enjoyed his quote. It's so true that prayer is powerful against the wiles of the devil. Lately, I've been thinking about how we're called to overcome evil with good. (Don't repay evil for evil... ) Only a gracious and loving God like ours would admonish believers with words like like that.

And when you're under snow, why not celebrate! The Native Musicale sounds like just the very thing needed to get you all through until spring. A super photo too. :~D