Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No Mirrors

Is Kris the-
[phone goes dead]
I looked at the phone and saw there call was disconnected so I went back to playing a computer game.

Mom? (my youngest son)
Did Dad call you?
He tried to but his phone quit.
[little laugh]He didn't tell you what he wanted?
No, his phone quit.
Okay, if he calls tell him that I am on my way.
Whe're you going?
He broke down, I am going to get him.
He broke down in my car?
Yeah, his phone was not working so I could not hear what he said.
Okay, I will tell him you're on your way.
You gotta tell him soon as he calls because his phone isn't working where he is.
Okay, I will.

Back to the game thinking about my car breaking down. (?)

He's on his way!
He is?(my oldest son)
Did Dad call you?
Yeah, did he call you?
He tried to, his phone quit.
Is Kris there?
I think he left, he is going to get Dad, Dad broke down.
He broke down?
I think he slid off the road.
He slid off the road.
Is he okay?
I think so, he needs to be pulled out of the ditch.
Oh! I thought he broke down!
No, he slid off the road. So Kris went over?
Okay, thanks Mom.
K, bye.

I slid off of the road, did Kris come yet?
Yeah, I think so, I think Klint is coming too.
Okay, good.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Roads are slicker than I thought and I went off a sharp corner.
You are okay though?
Yeah, I'm fine, might have to get you a new car.
Got a few bumps on it now.
Oh no.
Okay, so the boys are coming?
Okay, I will wait for them.
Are you cold?
No, I am fine.
Alright. I love you.
Love you too, Babe, bye.

Long time passes while my daughter and I watch Time/Life's Grand Ol' Opry DVD's.

[front door opens, youngest son enters] Poor Dad, broke out the window!
[motions to come to the garage to see]

Roads were bad tonight. Marie did a 360 on Birch today, Kris munched through the snowy ditches on Birch and Doug said that even Klint slid into the ditch tonight. So that makes for the whole family here to have been off the roads unexpectedly - but only my car lost it's mirrors!

Kris said that there was just a small avenue through the trees and Dad went right through it and off came the mirrors!

I am glad that Doug is fine.


Constance said...

Oh My Gosh! How scary that would be! I am glad that he wasn't seriously hurt! A car you can replace but not your Doug!

Connie Marie said...

I agree!

Jettie said...

Ys glad he's okay...and the same day here a lady did a spun around and ended up in the ditch right in front of me!!!!!! I sooo closed my eyes on that one!! She was fine if it would of been summer she could of just drove outta that one!!