Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

The holiday frenzy is over and now I've begun putting away all the "stuff" of Christmas. I am trying to put it away in an orderly fashion and because I didn't do that for the last two years things are sort of in disorder. Today I spent a lot of time putting the ornaments into the boxes they are supposed to be in and then hauling them up into the attic over the garage. I kept telling myself that I am probably getting a lot of exercise and it will be beneficial to the body, but I would have rather been online.

After Christmas, Adam had us all over to eat with Millie. It was a nice time together and I decided I would share pictures from the dinner with you all. Thanks for praying for Millie.

It was a year on December 27th since Millie has been hospitalized. She has been opening her eyes a lot and staying awake for long periods of time. I've never heard her say anything more than making groaning/moaning types sounds at different times.

I got to the hospital a bit earlier than others and so got to visit with Mil in her room. I like to take a warm washcloth and swish it in scented bath gels to wipe off her arms, hands, neck and face then I put on lotion. It gives us some time to interact with each other and mostly gives me time to check out how she is reacting.

I finished cleaning her up a bit and then started looking around her side of the room. She has a small, lighted Christmas tree that was so cute. And several new cuddly bears. I picked up the bears and then turned around and said to Mil, "Look Mil, who gave this bear to you?" She opened her eyes and looked. Then I put it away and picked up another, "Look, who gave this to you?" She glanced over at the second bear. She did this again for the third. She also looked at my niece when I said, "Look Mil, it's Becca's girl - Britt." So looking is her newest accomplishment and one that I really enjoyed observing on our last visit. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I had a hard time getting to work this time! I think it was my connection.

Happy birthday today to Calli (my son Klint's wife). We all love you so much. You have made yourself a super, sweet addition to our family I love you and I thank God for you.


Jettie said...

I found Your site threw my Video log on you Tube!!
My Mom lived in Alaska has been back a year now. You are a caring lady with Millie how nice!!

Connie Marie said...

Hi jettie,
Where in AK did your Mom live?
It just seems that everything online is connected to something else now-a-days. I'm glad you stopped by my blog.

Constance said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of "Sleeping" Beauty. It's hard to believe it's been a year! I have kept her on my blogroll hoping for the day she will be back with us again.

I have to admit, I wouldn't know how I would hold up through a trial like this. I'd like to think that I would FROG but you never know until put in that position. I sent her a Christmas card and hope that next year's Christmas, I'll be sending it to her house!


mrsjojo said...

What a special time for you all. Thanks for sharing the photos, it is nice to see some of the family. I went to see Millie on New Years Day and showed her the card that I brought to her. I saw her open her eyes so I thought that would be an opportunity to show it to her and she looked at it and I moved it around and read it to her and showed her the angels on it. She watched as I moved it around. I also took one fuzzy bear and had her touch it. The flower in her hair is beautiful. She has a lot of love and prayers around her.

Connie Marie said...

Hi Connie,
What is FROG? I saw the cards on the bulletin board and meant to go over to read them but didn't get that far. I am always getting sidetracked! I start to go somewhere and end up somewhere else...

Hi Jo,
I am glad you went to see Mil, she really loved your friendship. Yes, I have been loving watching her watching things around her. I think doing like you did, letting her feel things helps her brain to sort of which way to send those new nerves in her brain. Everyday is more healing and watching it work for her is exciting, just so slow!

Constance said...



e-Mom said...

You're an excellent caregiver, Connie Marie. I'll remember your technique of using warm scented wash cloth--with lotion afterward. I'm excited that Millie is more aware of the people around her.

I've been doing similar "observation" activities with my aging father. He's showing some very positive signs of improvement since being diagnosed with major depression in August. He's actually using the phone again!

FROG... thanks. An unforgettable acronym. :~D

ConnieMarie said...

Hi e-Mom,

I also think that FROG is a great reminder. Thanks Connie H.

I am happy to hear of your Dad's improvements, I pray that he will get better and better in 2008.