Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some Day

Alexis, me, Ashlee and Baby Raegan.

So, Christmas 2007 is over! I hope you had a good one. I got lots of things from my family. Doug gave me new outdoor wear. The kids gave perfume, slippers, hair clips, shower gels, soap, a basket made by my daughter Karla, antique trivets, it was sure a fun day with the whole bunch here.

We all worked to make dinner together. We were out on a quick four-wheeler ride and I asked Doug what time it was and it was 2:45 and dinner was supposed to be done about 3:30 so that Klint and Calli could eat with us and still get over to her family's get together too. We hustled home and cooked quickly. Everything was good and we all ate way too much!

Oh boy, it sure can get wild around here with all the grandkids together and watching how they get along or don't get along is interesting. Each of my daughters and their husbands deal differently with discipline. The results are observed in their kids. Gramma and Gramppa are supposed to love, love, love, but love also must come out in the word "No." It really does not concern me that there are some in the world who get disgruntled with that. I've was written to before - by those who think Gramma should only be sweet, smile and never, ever be negative. pppbbbbt!

I don't know if you believe that there are spirits, or demons if you desire, that are with us every day ----since birth. These beings, are determined to destroy every creation of God, especially His most loved creation, me and you. If he can keep us from realizing we have a free gift of eternal life because of Calvary he has won the ultimate game of deception, this for those who don't believe that will have suffered an eternal loss.

In my own war against these beings I didn't know at first that they really existed. I heard people talk about the dark, scary things and thought to myself they all are so superstitious. I believed that that was as far as spiritual activity went. A child comes to us as a beautiful baby and by the end of growing up there are serious self-doubts and feelings that one is not really worth anything to anybody and these come not from God but from God's enemy.

In response to self-doubts and inferiority, I "wilted." Marie noticed and told me one day that I always wilted quickly in every situation. Most people do not react to accusations from spirits as I have. Other people will bristle, fight back, and take out their self-frustations on those around them. These are the ones that are always mad for some reason and no one really knows why. No one has really told us that these spiritual creatures are with us everyday - not only on halloween or on dark nights when things are going bump! bump!

Have you considered if these mostly ugly thoughts have come from a spiritual source? We end up believing whatever they are suggesting and then we take it out on all of those around us. The enemy of God is also mankind's enemy. He is sneaky and will even transform into angels of light to decieve. Sadly, most of us can be decieved much sooner than that though! We spend entire lives holding grudges against others we believe spend their days trying to mess up our own life! So life is not happy with grudges, jealousies, anger, fighting back! Persons finding themselves in this situation are not a threat to the evil one, evil does not want people to know God and if we are busy fighting, we do not have time to know God.

It is truly a sad thing when one does not realize where discontent, dissatisfaction, bitterness, jealousy, inferiority and all that will bring discord into families and friends relationships is truly coming from. Try to suggest that one should pray and ask God to banquish spirit-beings wrecking havoc in a life and many people will look like you've gone bananas and what a Bible-thumping fanatic! hehehe

Someday, these unholy creatures will be entering into the eternal destruction that has been prepared for them and we will be finally completely free!

I long for that some day...


Constance said...

Thanks for the pictures my BBF. Those are some sweet grand-daughters! I have nop problem saying no to the grand kids. If I didn't let their moms get away with it, they certainly aren't! I'll have to revisit your post and comment when I have a little more time for reflection. At first quick thought, I certainly believe in generational curses. They can wreak havoc as they have doneso in my own family. Praise God for the resurrection power of Jesus Christ who makes all things new!

We have round 2 of Christmas starting this evening when the family gets in to town. I may be off the blog a bit in the next few days.

Have a Happy New Year!
Thinking of Millie,

Faith said...

Connie Marie: First of all, I think it is great that grandmas can say well they should. (of course I am not a grandma yet as I had my kids at 33 and 39 and they are only 14 and 9) is important I think that grandparents not spoil their grandkids (too much anyways!!)
As for demons, etc. YES...they are SOOOO real. I also believe in generational curses and have seen it wreak havoc in certain families...some problems within my own extended family due to sin. I am blessed that my husband and I know the Lord and we confront demons by laying on of hands, praying and interceding for each other, other family members, etc. Someday the Prince of Peace will reign and those demons will have to also bow to Him....what a glorious day that will be!

mrsjojo said...

Looks like and sounds like you had a fun time at Christmas with your family. You were a busy woman but you have a lot of helpers which makes the work a lot lighter.
Praise God that we have the victory that He gives and hope that we have to be out of this sin cursed world. Our God is an AWESOME God!

Lynn said...

Hi Connie Marie,

I am not sure if you knew that e-Mom intorduced us at her place. Now I know why at least about this post.

I DO know there are real evil spirits. They are relentless and try to influence and destoy us in every way. I completely "get" what you are writing about here.

Great post. I know we have power to defeat evil through our relationship and the blood of Jesus Christ. Amazing.

So glad to visit and read a few of your posts. Love and hugs, Lynn