Sunday, December 02, 2007

Marriage Monday - What Makes a Marriage Christian?

It is Marriage Monday once again! Time is really flying by. Just like the wind outside, we must be getting gusts close to a 100 mph out there! It is humbling to stand on the deck and listen to the howling wind.

I am kind of at a loss for words on this subject because my answer is simple.

Just as believing Him, praising Him, loving Him and patterning my life after Jesus Christ makes me a Christian, in order for a couple to have a marriage that is "Christian" we should be reflecting Jesus Christ ---- together.

Maybe I don't get the question, but that is my contribution to Marriage Monday.

I know I will learn a lot by all those that will be participating. Visit our hostess blog for her write and links to others participating on this Marriage Monday topic. You will be blessed! You can join the group by checking out e-Mom's blog if you would like to share too.

Happy Monday!


e-Mom said...

Wow, you're fast! Thanks for linking up for Marriage Monday.

It sounds like you have a good solid family life. (Perhaps, in part due to your Mom's precious faith.) What a blessing. (((Hugs)))

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Great post! yes it is two individuals living out the life. Good word.
Lifting a prayer for your marriage.

Jan Parrish said...

Yep. You summed it up well. Come visit my site and sign up for my contest!

Anonymous said...

This about sums it up! good post!

Susan said...

Amen, great post!

Hope you had a nice day!



Faith said...

Great post. "we should be reflecting Chirst---together" Love it and totally agree! blessings to you!

Living Beyond said...

Right on lady - short and sweet and soo very true!!!

Winds at 100mph that must be amazing. Stay warm lady!!

Lynn Donovan said...

Hi ConnieMarie,

I appreciate you frankness on this subject. I think you are spot on. It takes two to have a marriage and a Christian marriage begins with two believers. Nice to meet you. I hope to stop in again soon.