Monday, November 05, 2007


I am so happy to say that Maggie was moved out of Alaska. I worried about her whenever I would see her at our twenty-five acre Alaska Zoo. It is too cold here during winter for her. When an ol' girl gets cold ---- IT HURTS!!! It? Yes, it --- or everything hurts. I can only imagine a girl that is not endowed with fur would be in bad shape since she was meant to live with sunshine. (Maggie came to Alaska from Zimbabwe, Africa as a baby.) Now she does live in the sun!

Also watching Maggie's every move were Ruby, Seventy-One, Mara and Lulu, four African elephants living at PAWS that everyone hopes Maggie will eventually bond with. KTUU Alaska's News Source.

I watched the evening news with tears as they loaded Maggie into her specially built crate and she trumpeted. Thankfully the Air Force stepped up to help move her after her caregivers finally decided to let her go. Maggie made her journey successfully to sunny California on Doug's birthday, November 2. She is now getting settled in. The PAWS organization will be reimbursing the Air Force for all costs incurred from moving Maggie, which are estimated to be between $200,000 and $300,000.

To all those who made her move successful, including the active supporter of animal rights, Bob Barker, THANK YOU. Mr. Barker came up to Alaska to visit Maggie and with his promised $750,000.00 contribution towards "Operation Maggie Migration" his generosity has helped to make her move even possible. Today I joined the thousands that screamed this during his long-running (35 years) television hosting of "The Price Is Right," (Mom's favorite CBS television game show)--- "I love Bob Barker!"

30 acres for Alaska's elephant, that's more land than our zoo even owns. We will miss her but - wow! Thirty acres with nine other elephants she will get to know. The only thing I've read negative about this move is that Maggie does not like the artichokes, which they have a lot of in California.

I am so happy for Maggie. Yes, we will miss her when we visit the Alaska Zoo, but then for Alaskans .... California is not that far away to visit and ---it's warm down there too! Read more about Maggie's move.

Here is a video of Maggie's journey.

Alaska had another elephant that Maggie (African elephant) hung out with before. Her name was "Annabelle" (Asian elephant) and she passed away in 1997.

Live a long and warm life - Maggie!


Constance said...

I HAVE to ask? Whose bright idea was it to bring an elephant up to Alaska? Wouldn't that be like taking a polar bear to the equator? The other night, 60 Minutes aired a piece on the ivory war still going on along the Chad/Sudan border. I walked out of the room becasue I can't bear to watch stuff like that! Are you staying warm? We're having some fabulously, cooler weather today! I'm loving it!

Connie Marie said...

Well I didn't hear any fussing when Alaska saved the elephant by taking it way back in the day, and I've seen big ol' Kodiak bears in hot lands. Having Maggie was awesome while we got to have her, and she did well when she was young, now that she is older it is good to see that she can be outdoors and still be warm.

We have been enjoying the effects of global warming up here! It's been beautiful!

e-Mom said...

My husband told me about this! I missed it, so thanks for sharing the video. I love wildlife, and we often watch Animal Planet on T.V.

Blessings, e-Mom :~)

Joy said...

Thank you for sharing the video. I remember seeing this on our local news station.

Connie Marie said...

Hi Joy, I tried to comment on your blog but it is set so that only members on your team can leave messages.

Maggie has a webcam!
Maggie's Webcam!

Arienne said...

constance .... You ask whos bright idea was it to bring Maggie to Alaska have you been to many zoos in warmer clients... Im pretty sure polar bears arent native to there and are pretty miserable in them.