Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pomegranate and Time

I cooked Mom grits for breakfast this morning along with orange juice, pomegrante jewels, that is the best way I can describe the pomegranate fruit after I took them out of the fruit, they appear to be jewels, so beautiful.

I learned yesterday how to get the fruit out of the pomegranate. First you score the outside of the pomegranate, then put the whole thing into a bowl full of water; peel the outside off. The rind and white membrane floats and then the fruit drops to the bottom of the bowl. It was fun. Mom and I were impressed with the sparkling beauty of this fruit in a bowl. Mom also had a slice of toast and 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries. I had a bowl of cereal with frozen blueberries.

After breakfast we watched the news of the fires in California. As we watched the news Mom commented on the time. "Oh wow, already 12!" I said, "I can't believe it, I am still full from my cereal and it's time for lunch???"

Mom's phone rang and she hurried to answer it, but was too late. She brought it to me and said, "I missed it, see who it was and call them back." We looked at the phone and we both decided it was a weird number we didn't recognize. She began to play Mahjong while I kept looking, then I noticed that she had gone to the dialed numbers list. I exited out of that list and went to the missed calls list and saw that my brother Mark had tried to call --- at 10:40 a.m.

"Mark tried to call you this morning Mom." She got up and came over to the phone and said "OH! I didn't even hear it!" We looked at the phone. Then I asked, "What time is it now anyway?" I looked at the microwave. 10:42. I realized the clock in the livingroom had stopped and it was not even lunch time. We were thinking we should be preparing lunch and we had hardly even burped from breakfast!

We are quite the funny pair - my Mom and I.

Native to Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and introduced to California by the Spanish settlers in 1769 how amazing is it that this pomegranate is on my table in almost frozen Alaska! They like cool winters and hot summers. Humid climates are not good for the formation of the fruit. This tree can be severely injured by temperatures below 12f. The tree can grow as far north as southern Utah and Washington D.C. but seldom get fruited. It adapts well to container culture and will sometimes fruit in a greenhouse! This plant with glossy, leathery leaves gets a beautiful flower and is self-pollinating.

This sounds like it could be a fun indoor plant to try.

Stored in temperatures (refrigerated) between 32 to 41f the fruit is like apples, can be kept for up to seven months without spoiling and actually the fruit will get tastier and juicier. Pomegranates make great juice that I read will help those with ischemic coronary heart disease by improving blood circulation. MedicineNet.com claims that pomagranates have more antioxidant qualities than cranberries or even green tea!

Do you eat pomegranates and how do you prepare them?

I went to see my sister Millie on Sunday.

She has been hospitalized for 301 days.

We long to see her smile. We want her to go home now. We want that her food be administered in daily increments rather than constantly. We feel that her body would benefit from going without that constant drip of food. If she could get something like pomegranate juice instead, I bet that would be so good for her.



You and your Mom are a real pair. I know lots of fun. I wish I still had my Mom. I just wrote a post about her today also. Isn't that strange.

I love pomagranates. We just eat them like we would an orange or any other piece of fruit. Aren't they good.

I wish Millie could eat the right way also. I agree with you. I am still praying. connie from Texas

Connie Marie said...

Thank you Connie from Texas. I am glad I am getting this time to love my Mom. I will come and read your post.

Constance said...

Good Morning BBF,
Greetings from Texas where it's a balmy 52 degrees and a light covering of moonlight outside!

I have eaten Pomegrantes one time I think, someone had them in some sort of a salad I think. Interesting facts about them, makes me wonder if they are growing down here anywhere?

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since Millie went into the hospital. It's a lot like Sleeping Beauty waiting for her kiss to be reawakened. May the Savior kiss her cheek and restore her to her loved ones!

Thinking of you, stay warm near the fire!

Connie Marie said...

Good morning Texas.
Sounds like a beautiful morning there for you.
Yes, almost a year for Millie to be away from home, I know she must want to get back there. That's a neat picture - Sleeping Beauty waiting for a kiss from the Prince of Peace! I love it.
Fires are soothing when in their proper place, so sorry for all people in California that are running from the awful wildfires.
Have a beautiful day!

e-Mom said...

I love your phrase: "pomegranate jewels." I will think of you forever more when I eat pomegranates. :~)

And great minds think alike! A while ago, I posted a short piece on this wonderful fruit too: Red Argument For the Existence of God.