Thursday, September 27, 2007

Old Pictures Old Journals

I always think before I speak.
I find this rather balking,
For by the time my thinking's done,
Somebody else is talking.

I was looking at my picture CD's and ran across these. On this day Alexis, Tucker and Ashlee were singing with Lexie's new karaoke player at Grammaloo's. Alexis was being quite patient but finally she covers her ears when Ashlee just kept right on singing and singing.

Besides looking at ol' pictures I like to open my put away journals to take a peek at what went on in the past. Don't we always forget the little details of daily life? It's fun to go back in time and read journals. Amazing what memories a short write will revive.

April 23, 1998
Yesterday was Alexis Dustene's three month old birthday! She's our first grandbaby! We love her.

Marie, Klint and Kris are on a Skip and Ski Day with our pastor - Larry Kroon. Klint and Kris get to skip school as did all the girls too when they were still in high school.

Today we are having spaghetti at Kim and Tony's. She said she has a surprise to show us---must be a rocking chair [extra effort in drawing the ! was made here]!

Karla and Chris - still in Anchorage - working.

Doug is working.

I am ---- working???

Marie was able to skip work today to go on this trip.


Constance said...

How fun! I have gone back and reread some of my spiritual journaling and thought,
"Did I write this? This actually sounds pretty good!"

That's when it becomes totally clear that the Holy Spirit was annointing my pen and my thoughts that day.

My MIL kept a diary/journal and wrote in it every day. She has to have boxes full of journals somewhere in their house. Now that she's gone, it would be interesting to read her thoughts. Of course, maybe she wrote something negative about me and burst my bubble of how highly I think of myself! Ha ha!

Connie Marie said...


I've been having a strange problem with my Blogger. I Publish it and then I can't see it. I was surprised when I saw that you could see the new post.

So I did a look-see on the internet to see what others were saying, and how they fixed it.

It has something to do with Bloggers server, the cache ID, and possibly my own ISP. I found out that if you have trouble with this and want to see the updated post, type in your blogger URL and end it with a ?, that will bypass the Cache and reload a new page. It worked for me. I also deleted the old cache/cookies on my own computer but that didn't work to make a new page show up.

Strange computers!

(I tried to post using Firefox and could not see the word verification either! So I had to close that and open IE!) Grrrrr! This is just about enough to make me delete this whole blog!

Constance said...

Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT delete your blog! Whatever will I do if you go and do that, my BBF!


I love looking at our old pictures. Some of my most precious ones were destroyed years ago when we had a tropical storm come thought while some of us were gone to Mexico on a mission trip. My family got together and gave me the ones that they had so all was not lost.

My mother always kept a journal, but I have nerver. Have a good day. connie Marie from Alaska. connie from Texas

Marie VW said...

That was a fun one to look at! Man... that entry was already almost 10 years ago!!

That picture is so cute too, man I miss the kids!

Connie Marie said...

BBF - Thanks for showing strong support of my blog. :-D

Thoughtful Connie - I've heard so many say that they would want to save photographs if they only had time to save one thing in their home. Sorry you lost yours. Journals are fun. I've learned how much I've grown mentally by going back in time to read what was important to me way back when. God is so faithful.

My Marie - They miss you too. Kim's girls have told me that they miss you and while they say it they sort of sigh as if to silently suggest: "Whatever is wrong with that girl for going so far away?"