Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What An Example To Us Women!

One of many soaring eagles that we saw this past weekend.

I have just spent the last few hours reading about Ruth Bell Graham. I watched the slide show that my blogger friend Connie H. shared at her "Slimpickin's" blogspot. Thanks for posting that link, Connie. I meant to get to the Ruth Bell Graham - Time To Adore site a few days ago but was busy. This morning I visited at Chrysalis-eMom and read her blog on Ruth and was reminded I did not do that yet. I finally got over there and right now my node is plucked up from sharing the loss her family is experiencing now. She was indeed a woman that loved Jesus Christ and her beautiful family.

I loved the featured poem that she wrote:

Time To Adore

And when I die
I hope my soul ascends
slowly, so that I
may watch the earth
receding out of sight,
its vastness growing
smaller as I rise,
savoring its recession
with delight.
Anticipating joy
is itself a joy
And joy unspeakable
and full of glory
needs more than
"in a twinkling of an eye,"
more than, "in a moment."
Lord, who am I to disagree?
It's only we
have much to leave behind;
so much...Before.
These moments
of transition
will, for me, be
time to adore.

-Ruth Bell Graham 1920 - 2007

May God bless Billy Graham and their family today with Comfort we all can only know through Jesus Christ when dealing with the loss of a loved one.


e-Mom said...

Wasn't Ruth Graham an incredible woman of God? What an inspiration! I'm so sorry I didn't really know about her life until now. Her legacy will live on, no doubt. The poem of Ruth's that you posted is just beautiful. Hugs, e-Mom

(BTW, thanks for the linky love!)

Connie Marie said...

Hi e-mom,

Yes she was. My parents enjoyed Billy Graham so much and Mom would always be interested in Ruth so I knew her that way. I've never bought any of her books though, but am thinking I would like her poetry. My youngest daughter Kim went to a Franklin Graham Crusade and her heart was touched in much the same way that his Dad would touch my heart, so yes, both of their legacies continue already.

YW for the link!


Good post, Connie Marie,So true and I loved her poem. It will be a great loss for this world. connie from Texas

Constance said...

I know that poem just stirred something deep inside of me! It was SO incredibly visual! I first heard Jesus' call for me to join my heart with His at a Billy Graham Crusade when I was 9 years old! It would be 12 more years before I would surrender it and give it to Him. Billy Graham has a special place in my heart, he was the first person that I can remember that shared the Gospel message with me.

Connie Marie said...

Good morning Connie and Connie H.!

Yes, Ruth Bell Graham's poem and her poetry are touching. She spent so much time apart from her husband; during their sacrifice of apartness Ruth and Billy endured, God filled her thoughts with such good things to share. I am glad she wrote them down.

Billy Graham is a big part of my families past and the Gospel message he taught - always so easy to hear with the heart.

I hope both of you Connie's have a good day!

The other Connie, ha!