Monday, June 04, 2007

Too much? Too Little? Just right?

"[This guy] talks real fast at the rate of 140 words per minute or more. His voice is grating, harsh, irritating, excessively loud, and just generally unpleasant. His posture is tense with abrupt jerky movement. Every few minutes, he raises his eyebrows in a tic-like fashion. Likewise, every few minutes, he raises or pulls back one or both shoulders in a tic-like fashion.

His tongue is indented due to chronic pressure against the back of his upper incisor teeth. When he speaks, you can hear a click because he has to separate his tongue from his upper teeth in order to open his mouth. You can hear his breath as he continuously sucks in air to speak rapidly. He sighs as he exhales which is not a sigh of relief but a sigh of frustration and emotional exhaustion. He blinks every couple seconds. He frequently exhibits beads of perspiration on his forehead and upper lip even at normal room temperature.

The skin of his lower eyelid has become brown because of a diffuse and permanent deposit of melanin. His facial expression with glaring eyes and lowered eyebrows make him look hostile. His lower eyelid is raised permanently which makes him look like he's staring at you. He looks aggressive and determined because the muscles surrounding his mouth are always tight. His thin lips are slightly pulled on both sides, and a visible bulge is created by tense jaws which make him look angry with an artificial smile. He has a habit of rapidly retracting the sides of his mouth that sometimes bare his teeth."

I read that online while reading about personalities. Wow. I can't even imagine someone like this. Everyone around me is opposite of this poor guy. Physicians say that individuals like this are prone to cardiac arrest, but so too are the slow, and sedentary. There has to be a happy middle in everything. Moderation is the key to all things.

Not too much food, not too much exercise, not too much study, not too much quietness, not too much talking, not too much computer time, not too much wine, not too much you name it. On and on.

I think the poor Colorado spruce tree maybe had not too much water this spring. It seems to be struggling this spring. I sure hope we don't lose it to bark beetles. I watered it really good this morning and Doug already fertilized it for me. It has orange sprouts on it. Last spring it had so many new shoots and that tree probably grew two feet or more, that is a lot of Alaska.

Just like my poor tree we also could suffer from not enough food, not enough exercise, not enough study, not enough quietness, not enough talking, not enough computer time, not enough wine, not enough of whatever - you name it! On and on

Marie has her lighthouse rock garden going. Beautiful isn't it?

I went outdoors early this morning and was cleaning up some of the wood chips and bark left from a winter of wood gathering for the wood stove. I think maybe too many of those ants and beetles hide in there and might try to take over the world if I leave them be. So I raked up that stuff and got a bit of a burn going. (Keeping my eyes on it while I type.)

Rose trees of china are beginning to fade, but the lilac bushes are gonna be beautiful soon. Right now, I don't think we can ever have TOO MUCH SPRING/SUMMER! I want to have some of that for a long time yet.

Seems like I should be adding something here at the bottom of this post. Something in italics. Something about my sister who has been in hospitals now for 160 Days! Love you Mil!


Constance said...

I will GLADLY send some of our rain your way! As I type, we're being pounded with hail!
Your, BBF

V-E said...
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Connie Marie said...

We could use the rain. We had some wind today. There were a couple of guys out on the lake and they were bouncing on the breakers! Cool. Don't usually see big waves on our lake.

I hope the hail did not get too big!

(That was my deleted comment, I didn't know YouTube was also Googled! I was signed into the VE Racing site to upload the latest video and when I saw your comment and replied it signed me as VE, wow!)