Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Flurry!

Nope, I didn't see snow but my daughter Kim and her family and my son Kris did on Alascom Road! They went up to camp a day earlier to set up camp than the rest of us did and they didn't appreciate the cold and then on top of it the S*N*O*W! Kim was definitely not a happy camper when she was telling us about the (I think maybe slightly exaggerated) "Snowflakes THIS big - MOM!"

The weekend went fast and the highlight --- we enjoyed meeting Matt from North Carolina. He is a friend of Marie's and we were all anxious to meet him. The trip to Alascom Road was Marie's plan and we complied even if it meant leaving our green Valley and seemingly going back weeks into winter traveling up to the mountainous country. (It sure is nice to have a warm RV. hehehe)

Another highlight was all the sheep we saw on the mountain sides. I tried to get a picture but I do not have a very goood zoom and besides, we were traveling down the highway when I tried to take a picture.

I didn't get to visit with Millie since the races did not finish until pretty close to the end of visiting time at Providence Extended Care. I miss Millie and hope to see her TOMORROW! ....maybe.

Day 146.


Constance said...

If you get to see Millie, tell her hello from her Texas friend and that I miss her!

I'll bet the RV was especially nice! I've been wondering how we are going to oversee the building of the cabin once we retire? We are big time tent campers but maybe setting up a pop up camper would be a good choice! I don't think I want to live in a tent for 4 months. Although, if the Israelites could do it for 40 years, I guess 4 months is nothing!

I'd better run and go chasing after my husband! Tee Hee!


Connie Marie said...

Oh the RV is the only way to go, but if you can't do that... then I guess a tent. If you can get a walk in tent so you don't have to crawl in... I don't think the Israelite's did the crawl in stuff!