Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Granddaughter Loved

She's a nine-year old sparkle on nimble legs.
She smiles and I will smile.
She cries and I will cry too.
She laughs and my heart beats lighter.
She goes from cousin to Aunt, Grammaloo to nephew;
We are all blessed by her loving ways.
Today, she peeked around the chair and said, "Hi Grammaloo!"
"I missed you!"
I didn't know she was coming, but now I am so happy Marie brought her home.
She loved her new cousin Raegan Mae.
She said, "Such beautiful, little, blue eyes."
"I love you Raegan Mae!"
I said, "I love you, Lexie!"
"I love you too, Grammaloo!"
She came to us nine years ago; we were all surprised - but so happy!
"We are pregnant," the newlyweds said quietly showing us the positive pregnancy test.
"OH?" I counted the days in my head and then raised my eyebrows.
Dad said, "Oh wow! That's cool you can tell so fast!"
I giggled then slapped our new son Tony with my kitchen towel.
This new little one was coming into our family and there was nothing else to do but accept that!
God blesses us in ways we never dream of being blessed!
We love our first grandbaby so much.
Thank you LORD for the blessing which fills my heart to overflowing and rolls down my cheeks at the most odd times.
I called her Mom today.
I watched our Lexie at the window and told her Mom how I loved her first baby.
We laughed then cried about the timing of Alexis.
"I am so glad you gave her to us, Kimmie."
"Thank you Mom, that is so good to hear."
I wiped my tears away so that I could watch for the 'I love you wave' as she left the driveway with her Uncle and Aunt.
I waved from the window.
God is so incredibly good.

I've been to visit Millie as often as I can. It looks like she could stretch and wake up soon, but I think her family has been saying that since Seattle.

Day 110.


Constance said...

Hi Grammaloo,

One day, you'll have to tell me how you got your nickname.

Today is Gigi & Me day with JaceyBeth. Last night we made Ghiradlli Triple Chocolate Brownies, yum, yum! We just got back from taking all of the boys to school in the "gigivan". Next on the list is lunch at McDonald's followed by grocery shopping. later on. We may fit another bike ride around the lake in if we have the time. I also want to try and take some pictures of her in the bluebonnets that are nearby. Grandkids keep us young. Either that or remind me of how I ain't as young as I used to be!

Still praying for Millie...Wake up soon, we miss you!

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