Friday, March 09, 2007

Yippeeeeee for Buser!

Hoping that Buser gets that dinner he is looking to win in Anvik!

Stopped by the Shageluk kids updates, it was fun to read. Great job to all those reporters!

It feels like the race has stepped up it's pace a bit this morning....oh I hope I don't wilt.

Again, be safe mushers and doggies.

Day 73


Constance said...

Just a little follow up comment to what we chatted about before. I saw where GB Jones scratched from the race so he could look for one of his dogs that got loose and ran off. Hardly sounds like a man who doesn't care about his dogs!

Connie Marie said...

Touche' !

The top guys are in and out of Grayling! They have put in all their mandatory time too! Oh my goodness, this is gonna be too exciting!!!!

They are all doing so well. Lance appears to be falling back a bit for now. Can't be doing that now.