Monday, February 12, 2007

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday we were at the start of the Tesoro Iron Dog. That was fun. The weather was not too bad. I enjoyed watching all the snowmachine activities and I even did some knitting! The Tesoro Iron Dog's INTERACTIVE MAP is fun to check on your favorite racers with.

I made a new bonnet/cap for Raegan Mae. Marie had planned to have a few ladies over to visit and welcome Raegan so when I got home I quickly finished up the little hat and stuck it into a gift bag.

While I was sitting and knitting I looked up and there walking right past our truck was Martin Buser! I was so excited. I jumped out of the truck and went over and said, "Hi, Mr. Buser". lol I knew I must sound goofy but oh well! I asked him if I could get a picture with him and Doug took one of us. That made my day! (I will show the picture sometime, right now my camera is downstairs and I am upstairs, and I am tired.) I've been vacuuming and doing laundry all day.

Adam just called. He will be driving down to Oregon tomorrow to meet up with his daughter Doris and some friends of hers that want to come up to Seattle to lay their hands on Millie and pray for her. They are asking that everyone pray together that Millie would wake up. So tomorrow at about six, Seattle time. Please pray for Millie to wake up.

I talked into Millie's ear today.... she didn't even answer me!

Day 48


Kerri said...

She didn't answer me, either, back when I talked in her ear.

She'll answer you one day. Soon she'll be talking your ear off.

I wouldn't ever have the nerve to talk to someone I thought of as famous. I'm shy around "ordinary" people...can't imagine talking to someone who wasn't so ordinary. hehe

Constance said...

I'm back! I checked out the site for the Iron Dog race and that looks like a lot of fun! That was neat that you got to have your photo taken with Martin Buser! I remember you writing about him on your blog last year during the Iditarod.

My 2 brushes with fame include: When I was a waitress, I once waited on Lou Brock (famous St Louis Cardinals baseball player) and another time, I waited on Marine Rocky Sickman (He was one of the hostages held in Iran during the Carter administration and released when Reagan was inaugerated.I left him alone though, figuring that he was attempting to return to a normal life.)

Will continue praying for Millie!