Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Tesoro Iron Dog Race

I was plumb right in the middle of snowmachine heaven today. The Wasilla Sport Complex was full of all the racers that will be taking off tomorrow morning for a very long snowmachine ride! They all look very excited as I can imagine they would be! Today was their security check and I was there all day. Doug set up his Amsoil products in the vendor row. I went along just in case he needed me to help him. Most of that stuff is too heavy for me but, I arranged a few bottles of oil and passed out a couple of business cards.

If you want to tune in to the race it's ONLINE! I love online stuff, don't you? Anyway, some of the guys have GPS and you can actually track where they are. I see the site also has a web cam. Check it all out at the website. WWW.IRONDOG.ORG Our own Governor Sarah Palin's husband Todd Palin will be running this year and we know some others too, so I won't be saying a favorite, just that may the best team win! And God keep you all safe. Governor Sarah Palin is supposed to be there in the morning to start the race!

Doug will be getting up early and heading out to Big Lake and the Islander to set up his booth again, I don't know if I will go. It's outdoors this time and I am not too keen on getting cold. I got cold today and we were inside! We will see tomorrow morning whether I will go or not. (Sarah will be there, it's more likely I will go.)

When I wake up and I hear him heading to the door I call to him, "Are you leaving now?" "Yep, in five minutes." "You want me to go with you?" "You want to go with me?" "Do you need me to go?" "Yes." "Okay, I will come!!!!! Wait for me!" Just like we did this morning. I was following him down the snowy sidewalk in five minutes.

Last night the ANSEP Banquet "Honoring our Partners" we had such a nice time! It was a fun evening. Besides getting to see a lot of people that have had a major part in Klint's life during his schooling and all the fun games they played, we also saw two dance groups perform.

One was an Eskimo dance group named "Miracle Drummers & Dancers" and the other was a group from Metlakatla called "Lepquinm Gumiligit Gagoadim." I emailed "Evergreen" when I got home and told her about the group from her hometown. She asked the name of the group and of course I didn't remember! I didn't remember a name like that!

UAA's ANSEP (Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program) is excellent. Helping Native American students succeed in the Sciences and Engineering studies. It was praised profusely by very grateful high achieving students and their college leaders. The efforts made through the support of very generous sponsors appears to be working very well towards providing an environment that encourages the Native American students to achieve. Before this program was started most of these students faltered and sadly many of them did not finish to the end in this area of study courses.

Our son Klint will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering/Specialization in Electrical Engineering degree this spring. *POP* We are so proud of his determination *POP* to finish the course. He has done all this by securing scholarships and working to pay *POP* for his own schooling. About all that we, his parents, did was to provide a place for him and his wife to freely live. FINALLY we can say, "Good job Mr. Klinton VanWingerden, we are so proud of you." *POP* *POP* *Picking up buttons*

Now, can we have a baby? No, just kidding. hehehe

Sounds like Millie is moving around and making faces lately; frowning when they touched the finger that is sore from checking her blood every two hours. They might move her to the other hospital on Monday, or they might not! That was the update on her today - from Adam.

Day 46 is almost over.

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Kerri said...

That is so cool that you were able to see a "Metlakatla" group! They're based up in Anchorage, but a lot of them are transplants from here. I forgot the translation for their name, but I believe Lepquinum means "Our very own". If I figure out the rest I'll let you know.

Congratulations to your son! How exciting! Even more so that he did it all while paying his own way. You must be very, very proud, as you should be. :o)