Saturday, February 17, 2007

Palin, Davis in Fairbanks!

What a long ride! Those guys been at it since we last saw them on Big Lake and finally the Pro teams are beginning to zoom into Fairbanks. See the End Results. I never really did see the Web Cam do much, if I would have remembered I would have watched the finish at Fairbanks with that. Congratulations to all the teams but mostly to Scott Davis and Todd Palin. The winning team. I wonder what kind of stories they have to tell about their ride. Teams 21 and 23 we were watching too, but for reasons we don't know yet, had to scratch before the finish of the race. :-(

I had to show off our new baby! Baby Raegan Mae, so sweet and huggable! She had a hair clip in her fluffy hair today. Baby Calvin Ty was looking adorable too!

Okay! Let's make it a complete DeLong day here on the blog. Here's Gunner and Tucker too!

The whole family is here playing on the frozen lake and I have a big pot of soup on the stove!

Day 53


Constance said...

They are too precious for words! There's something about a "fresh baby" from God, so innocent, unspoiled and untainted! Yet even when we, as adults, are covered with the blood of righteousness, that's how our Heavenly Father sees us!

Connie Marie said...

That is a very neat thought!

Connie Marie said...
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edt said...

Nice available light photographs chickadee.

So much nicer than completely flash lit.Just a case of positioning the wee one in good soft light from a window and getting the exposure right I guess.

I regularly read a blog by a retired british doctor who is really into available light photography.
Check out the 'Its snowing here' post for one of his recent grandchild pics, hope it works.There WERE other great kids pics but blogger seems to have forgotten quite a few months in his archives?

Regards from NZ.

edt said...

blogger must be having hiccups ;)...the URL works for me this time.

Connie Marie said...

That worked edt, the last one you put up somehow got linked to the wrong site. I am not surprised at all if Blogger was hiccup'ing!

Low light photography, I had no idea. I don't do photography with knowledge, I just snap pictures and hope they turn out! It's a good thing that I have a digital and I can just delete all the ones that I don't care for.

Kerri said...

Cute, CUTE pictures!