Monday, February 19, 2007

Crispy Night

I just took these pictures of the moon out my back door. The moon is actually much more of a sliver than it is showing here. I guess the shutter is open long enough to make it appear bigger than it is.

It's crispy cold here in Big Lake. I don't even want to take my little dog out the door (I still have to walk with him when he needs to go out.) do his business! It's just too cold. He does not like it out there so cold either. He lifts his front paw, then his back paw, then his other front paw --- so getting things done takes a dreadfully longer time.

The temperature showing on my blog must be taken further South of me because tonight we are about ten degrees colder than they are registering. Minus temps up here.

My son Klinton and his wife Calli stay in our cabin here at "The Lake" and they are just a short walk farther North but many times are a few degrees colder than we are. When they mention the cold I say to them, "Well you see, that's because you guys are further North than we are; it's not that cold --- here in the South!"

Day 55

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Constance said...

Amen Sister! Here in the South it is indeed, warmer! Last night was gorgeous! The moon was a sliver here as well. We had a magnificent sunset and it was still 60 degrees at 9PM. The next 3 days will be in the 70's. It's amazing to think we were looking at the same moon, it loked the same but we are so far apart! And yet...God holds the span of the universe in the palm of His hand! WOW!