Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our "Snowy" Grand-Babe!

Gramma thinks that she is an exceptionally beautiful baby, but you can make up your own mind.

Mom is so happy and doing very well. A new little girl brought out the sunshine in her today!

I decided that a good nickname for our new grandbabe Raegan Mae is "Snowy", for coming on such a snowy day. I spent all afternoon with her and her Mom and Dad and held her. She is sweet and smells so nice. She makes lots of little squeaky noises too. She weighed in a lot lighter than Karla was told she probably would at only 8 lbs. 14 oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. She has a lot of hair, and like most newborn babies we can't tell the color of her eyes yet.

She fit the sweater and the booties that I made for her perfectly!

I am thanking God for His blessing on our family and praising Him for such a tiny little person so perfectly made. What an awesome God He is.

"I didn't know how babies were made until I was pregnant with my fourth child." Loretta Lynn

Millie is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning 8:30 a.m. Alaska time to put in the permanent shunt.

28 days.


Constance said...

The sweater is precious but not as precious as your newest little babe! I'm going home to Missouri in a couple of weeks for Ashley's 1st birthday. One year already!

Keeping Millie in my prayers that her surgery goes smoothly.

Kerri said...

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations :o) I'm so glad the sweater fit!