Saturday, November 04, 2006


I watched PBS tonight and actually sent in a donation. I enjoyed listening to the inspiring stories that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer shared during his "Inspiration" presentation. He says "change the way that we think, the things that we think about will change." A new way to say "happiness is a choice." Dr. Dyer is a very good speaker and I enjoyed his talk very much.

We can choose to be happy in whatever situation life throws our way and indeed when we have a bright attitude things do go better or they are a lot easier to deal with. Dr. Dyer takes it a step farther and says that when we have the right thoughts, we change how things come to us. He stresses, I guess stresses would not be a good choice of a word, he highly encourages people to draw good things to oneself by expecting good things and not being surprised when good things come our way.

One of his guests was Immaculee Ilibagiza, a survivor of the Rwandan Holocaust. She has written a book about her struggle to live through that horrible time. 91 days in a small bathroom with seven other women. Her book "Left To Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust" is one I was inspired to read tonight.

Hey! Somebody must be doing something right! Laura Bush got citrine for her 60th birthday. Happy Birthday to our beautiful First Lady!

My youngest brother, Mark. Always loved to have me read to him when he was young. I don't see him very often and we don't really live that far apart. One of the things Dr. Dyer spoke about tonight was the energy we give to those that have been troublesome in our lives by the good words we say about them. There is a tribe in South Africa that brings someone that has such troubles in front of all those that know him and love him and then speak about the good that he has done in life. Nothing negative, nothing to fix... just all positive words. Dyer said these meetings sometimes go on for days before they quit. I have been inspired to be more positive, at least in my own words about others.

I miss his great, humorous laugh. I am thinking good thoughts of you Mark. I love you!

UPDATE! Doug's finger has healed but it is a crooked finger now. Not much use in it, but we are still hoping that it will get stronger with use. Thanks for asking Connie!

UPDATE! The road back here did not get any more attention than the rocks that were dumped on it earlier this year. It still feels like we are driving out over a dry riverbed. City of Houston made a visit out here to shut us up, because nothing ever came from their grandiose talk. At least with the little bit of snow the bumps have been softened!

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akeskileut said...

Good info Sis,I do try to think happy thoughts and not dwell on the negative...but we can sure practice that one more in our lives huh.
Saw Mark couple weeks ago and he seems to be doing fine.