Monday, November 13, 2006


Marcy said, "Fairbanks is not for woo-ses." I said, "I am a woos!"

My definition for woos is: a pansy. My definition for a pansy is: a woos.

Someone that just can't take much of that below zero cold, that's me. So why do I live in Alaska? I was born here. I was not born up here though I was born in the Southern, balmy, village of Old Harbor on Kodiak Island. Dad used to say, "We found you on the beach, tangled up in the kelp."

This past weekend I decided to tag along with the Alaska Freedom Band up to Fairbanks to take part in the Fairbanks Native Church service. It was a blessing to be with that group of Christian's. Thanks Dave and Marcy for inviting the guys!

Some in the band were talking about having the stomache flu recently and now, we (Doug and I) are exposed to that bug so we have been washing our hands, I have even been limiting my intake of food----just in case I get that horrible bug!

Playing keep away with the flu bugs might be a hopeless cause but I am doing all that I can to make sure those bugs don't feel welcome here!

While we drove home from Fairbanks last night we encountered some snow and had a few scary moments trying to see after those big ol' semi-trucks flew on past us. The snow they blew all around totally obstructed our view and that was too scary. I was so thankful to get out of all that safely! All part of living in Alaska.

My Son-in-law's Grandmother Lela is in intensive care today and I am sad for their whole family. We are praying for you all, Kim and Tony, Lexie, Ashlee and AJ, may God be a comfort and strength to all of you whatever the outcome will be for her.

Kimmie just called me and my Grandchildren's dear Great-Gramma Lela just passed away. She was a kind woman and will be missed a lot by her family, especially by my grandchildren. Please pray for them. Kim and Tony spoke of her as being a strong and stubborn woman. She was a lifelong smoker and finally was able to successfully quit a few years ago but had continuing bad health related to that which just kept zapping her strength in the end.

I will miss Lela even though I did not know her much more than seeing her occasionally ---because of the Grandchildren we had in common and we both love. She always accepted our family as her own through Tony and Kim. May God bless all of her remaining family.


akeskileut said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Fairbanks.
Tatyana has the bug,so we are washing hands here too. Pray we will be healthy for traveling.
Sorry to hear about Tony and Kim's loss. Praying for them.

Constance said...

I remember something I heard a lon time ago,
"Beginnings are always scary and endings are always sad but it's what we do in the middle that counts."
I'll be praying for your family during this time.

The trip "up north" (way up north for someone like me!) sounds like you had a great time, in spite of the snow. Hopefully that nasty bug realizes he's not welcome at your house! I got my flu shot yeaterday so hopefully, he'll stay away from me too!