Monday, October 16, 2006

New Warm Boots

After our long Indian Summer the sky has cleared up, the thermometer has dropped below freezing, and my thoughts have turned towards keeping my feet warm.

Lately, my feet have been cramping when they get just a little bit cold! So after another frantic time of stretching out my cramped toes I decided I should order a pair of cozy boots for the coming winter.

These boots came via the post office and quite quickly too! I happily opened the package and slipped them on. I walked around a bit and looked out the window and wondered how much longer we would wait for the snow to come.

When my Grandson's came over they had me read a book of Christmas Poetry to them. I wondered if maybe they were feeling like getting some new winter boots too! (We still have Halloween to do boys!)

Well, well well! It looks like we are clouding up and we could possibly be getting some ------- RAIN???


Now where did I slip off those rain boots?


akeskileut said...

I know how you feel about cold feet, my feet cramp up when they get cold or I can feel them almost cramping..not fun! Couple summer ago,we were in Seward fishing and we came to a small creek and like everyone else I took off my socks and went thru the water...bad move..I got to the other side and my feet started to I went back and put my socks and shoes on..but not after I had to straighten up my crooked never did that I need to find me some nice warm boots. I like the pics of the grandkids.

Constance said...

Your boys are too cute! I have a soft spot for boys, maybe since my only boy just turned 16 this past Friday!

I don't have to worry about wearing boots down here, I'm still doing flip-flops! The weather has cooled a little and I've got the windows open even though it's been raining. I love Fall and everything about it! Today I was off work so I cleaned the house, while listening to Mozart Violin concertos on the stereo, as the rain fell softly outside the windows. (Sigh)