Thursday, October 19, 2006


Thanks to Steve Willis for sharing this picture of Kodiak's Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church.

I thought I would say a word about "Destination", the group that practices every week in my house. I get to hear singing, guitar playing, joking around and laughing every week and I do enjoy it.

Doug, Marie, Klint and Kris get together and play and sing and their desire is to be able to bring encouragement through their singing to others, mostly Christian's but not limited to only Christian's.

Marie our oldest daughter is the focal singer and Doug plays bass guitar, or he tries to since he wrecked his left index finger but I still thinks that he sounds good. Klint plays lead guitar and Kris is the drummer. They sing Gospel and Secular music.

In November they will be going on a first trip to anywhere! They were invited to fill in for Alaska Freedom Band at Kodiak Native New Life's Crusade in Kodiak. So the whole bunch plus Calli (Klint's beautiful wife) will be on Alaska's Emerald Island. Then Doug and Marie will continue on to Port Lion's with the Crusade while our sons return home for school and work.

The Crusade will include singer and special speaker Gary Simple. I enjoy listening to Gary!

God bless Kodiak and enjoy my family!

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