Friday, August 25, 2006

Galveston, Texas

Picture of downtown Houston as we drove out of town, South. (Notice me... "south">

We rented a car soon as Doug got out of his meetings yesterday and took a drive down to Galveston. We drove and drove down I-45 and got to the end and found access to the beach. (Lots of places to access it but have to pay 8.00 to park there!) Finally found a free parking spot and we were right on the beach.

It was sort of cloudy and with the AC going it felt like I should grab a sweater to get out next to the windy ocean,but I opened the door and swoosh in came the humid heat! I love it!

We walked down to the beach and I took off my sandals and got into the ocean. It is the warmest ocean I have ever experienced! It was impressive. I wish my whole family could be here to enjoy it...maybe someday!

Doug and I taking a self-portrait. I am just about too short to make it into the picture. We had a beautiful sunset and then we stopped by Landry's Seafood House in Galveston and had a great seafood dinner. YUM YUM!

Today, after Doug finishes up work related stuff, we still have one more day to use the car before we give it back, then we will pack and be on our way again.

Houston has been great!


akeskileut said...

Sounds like you are both enjoying your stay. Nice pics..Glad you got yourself in the pic..hehe!

Constance said...

Lynette, my best friend here in Texas, was born & raised in Galveston. One year on Spring Break she and I took my kids and her 2 girls and we all went to stay with her Mom. She told that growing up, her daddy (now dead)was a commercial fisherman and he was always bringing something home and cooking it up for them to eat. It didn't hurt that he was Cajun to boot! Her Mom's house backed right up to the Gulf and people would have their boats tied up right at the end of their yards, kind of like travelling down an alley. That trip was a lot of fun and it was the first time my kids had ever seen that much water before! Sunsets on the Gulf are really beautiful! Glad you "squeeked" into the picture! Ha Ha