Monday, August 28, 2006


We made it to London.

The flight over was great since I got to fly over in the same plane and beside Doug. I have to comment on all that. Doug was being sent to London in first class and so when he went to purchase a ticket for me (mileage) he didn't realize that he was being sent that way until he went to pick out our seats. Of course he wanted to sit with me, since I am his wife, but he probably would have had a more peaceful flight if he didn't sit by me. Having said that I should also mention that I guess we are having "too much time together" problems right now.

Anyway, back when he went to make seat selections for all the flights he saw that he had first class seats,(or business first if flying to UK) and I had coach seats. Some of our flights ended up having to be on different planes to begin with, that was to be expected since Doug's workplace purchased his tickets and he was using our mileage accumulated to get a ticket for me.

After all was settled it turned out that I was able to accompany him when I had finally told him I won't travel unless we travel together or in my other words "I won't travel unless he pays through the nose." I am a most horrible woman it turns out. I see that about me when I make demands such as that. I would have been perfectly happy to stay at home this whole time, let me mention that ---in my own defense. My weak flesh feels as though I should defend myself as I sit here in the hotel all alone. I admit, without embarrassment, that I am a weak person.

So what put me into this mood?

Me, myself and I.

After we got into London yesterday --- (as I was saying) early in the morning we met Gatwick Airport and all those people! People. People and more people. Did I mention the people? Yes, people of every type bumped and brushed against me there.

It was hot and we had all of our luggage and no connections to the hotel we were to go. (Because of a traveling email problems Doug could not confirm with the " transportation service people" where they should be when we got into London). Poor Doug got it all figured out while I kept a watchful eye out for anything suspicious and our luggage, as we read to do in all those airport security posts. While I stood and waited I was shocked to see Gatwick airport's security walking about loaded with guns and ammunition, not holstered let me also say, but at the ready for any disturbances.

We had a pleasant ride on the Gatwick Transit, or Rail. Our first glimpses of London left me with images of lots of close together brick buildings and moss growing on them. We had sunshine and not the rain that I have always pictured London to be gloomy with. Green and sunny here. Right now the sun is shining but every so often we see a heavy rainshower with sun still out.

Things are expensive here. Food prices here where we are always surprises us. I think I will continue with a "Food Costs Way Too Much To Eat It Diet."

When we got to our hotel we did not have a room because we got in way too early so they graciously (thanks Hotel Service People) stored our luggage and we took a taxi to St. Paul's Cathedral to hear their Sunday service. I have wanted to hear a boys choir in a cathedral and I got it. It was not just a boys choir, but it was a children's choir, although I saw some adult's in it too. They were having a communion service while we were there.

To help keep this post from being too long I will say that the rest of the afternoon was great. We walked down to the Thames Path from there. Saw the London Bridge from a distance. I did not want to walk all the way to the bridge since we were walking back to our hotel too, which was many bridges in the opposite direction.. .many, many, many bridges away.

I saw The Tower of Big Ben, Winchester Cathedral, the London Eye, and of course the Thames River. Things I never, ever dreamed of seeing.

More another time.



akeskileut said...

I'm so glad you made it to London safely,sounds like a very interesting travel day you had..hugs!
Wow,seeing so many wonderful sites that we only see in pictures in a magazine.:-)

Kevin said...

Far out Connie, I didn't know ya'll were jumpin' 'cross the pond! Include some pics of your local! Good post, I really enjoyed it!

Constance said...

You are quite the traveler!!! I'll bet Grammaloo has been stocking up on souveneirs for the grandkiddos! Mine love getting postcards from Gigi & Grampy (that's us). I can relate to your airport guard experience. My last trip to visit my Grandmother in Germany was in 1973. At the Frankfurt Airport thay had soldiers with machine guns and we were all frisked (pat down) before boarding our plane. As a 13 year old girl, that was pretty unnerving!