Monday, June 19, 2006

Checkin' In From Glenallen!

We are in Glenallen today. We started a trip on the Glen Highway and will be traveling along taking enjoying Alaska for a few days or so.

Our whole family was able to be with us (minus Tony who is at work) for Father's Day. BTW, I hope Dad's everywhere had a very good Father's Day.

We spent our day with Doug riding 4 wheelers up through Belanger Pass. I am not sure I can even upload a picture with this whimpy dsl connection. I have a poor connection and I can receive email but I cannot send. The owner says it's because a lot of people are online at the moment. So if I can't upload now I will do some pictures of this trip when I get back to my comfy office chair.

One evening Doug and I took a short ride from camp and while out boon-docking (making our own trails) we got back on another 4 wheel trail that took us right past a grave site. It was surprising to see this because we were not expecting it. It is a small grave and has a white cross on it. I didn't quite know what to think about it and still don't know if this is something we should report. We thought it could just be someone's very favorite dog that died out on the trail, etc. It's a fairly new grave since there was not much growth on it. What would you do after seeing something like that?

After our Sunday ride with our dear ol' Dad Doug -the kids all packed up and pulled out of camp. Boy was I ever LONELY!!!! I told Doug, "I think I just want to go home too." He says, "I KNEW you would do this!" lol Anyway, after a hot shower, some dinner and a quiet, quiet, quiet nights sleep... I guess I did feel better. Now I am enjoying the rest of our trip to Doug's great relief!

A touching memorial for Trooper Heck was near the area we camped. The Glenn Highway between milepost 128 and milepost 189 has been designated as the State Trooper Bruce A. Heck Memorial Corridor.

It's really sunny up here in Glenallen, but too many horseflies! When it cools in the evening then it's just the normal mosquitoes. We just got back here from a social event here at this wonderful (we are repeat customers) Northern Night's RV Campground that the owners Rich and Tomi do for their campers. Cobbler and ice cream on the house! It was delicious and we got to listen to some of the other campers there. From Canada, Missouri, Oregon. More but those are the ones I remember. They were talking about the light that won't go away. One guy says he practically has to put a bag over his head so that he can get some sleep.

I cannot upload any images here so I have found some websites to share instead.

See you next time I find a connection!


akeskileut said...

Hi good to see a new post and to hear your out on a road hope you have tons of safe..(((hugs)))I know how you feel when the kids leave..I feel the same way..hehe!

Kerri said...

I'm glad you and Doug are able to enjoy each other and this wonderful state that is our home. :o) Thank you so much for your comments, Connie. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know! (((((((Connie)))))))

Constance said...

Sounds like a fun time! I FINALLY got my photos from our trip to the Canyonlands downloaded and up and running. I look forward to seeing yours!

The gravesite? hmmm.... it does make you wonder doesn't it? What did you decide to do about it?