Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bikes & Maids

I just made these Indian Maids. Aren't they cute?

I have been busy.

I am working on getting an audio book online. So far I have two chapters done. It is the story of some friends that we have, Paul and Nattie Boskoffsky. It's his story. Sneaky peek. I will have the rest of the chapters done soon. (I hope.)

My husband has been wanting to 'upgrade' our 1983 4-wheeler so we spent some days last time he was home and then the last two days this week looking and looking and looking..sigh.

Yesterday we came home with a black and white Polaris 500. I love it because it has a Queen seat for me! I just need an umbrella with spoongee's on it! You know, those little hangy down things. (Used to see them in cars in the '70's.) So far we have taken a ride to the grocery store, and the post office.

We even rode on the bicycle path. (hehe) Hubby said he was on a quest to plow over some cyclists! NO, not really, but when he said that I just had to laugh! I am not serious and still am slowing down around the bike riders. :-)

Here in Houston we have bicycle paths on both sides of our highway! We just KNOW that they paved over the trails we 4 wheelers made! grrrr!

This is our new Polaris ATV. Imagine the one-up seat on it for now. I will try to get a picture of it soon!

Grandkids just came over!


Constance said...

I love the beadwork project in your picture! In my latest edition of "Cowboys & Indians" magazine, there is an article on Teri Greeves and her beadwork. (Not to mention an interview with my all time favorite actor, Robert Duvall!)There is a picture of her beaded hi-top tennis shoes and an umbrella called, "Indian Parade". I thought of your umbrella comment although, for the life of me, I can't picture "spoongees"!

I've thought that cycling would be a good activity for me but I would fear for my life on these roads! After all, I know how I hate it when the cyclist ride 4 abreast down the middle of the road! I usually find myself mouthing off about them hogging the road! With my luck, I'd end up a giant smear on the asphalt. We need bike trails the way Denver has!

Enjoy your new "toy". I keep wondering if we end up in Montana if we're going to have to invest in a snowmobile? A few years ago, Dave & I went with some dear friends of ours from Denver out in Breckenridge, CO. We absolutely LOVED it! Although the hand warmers were stuck in the on position and my hands got incredibly hot. I had to leave my gloves on though so I wouldn't burn my hands. Luckily for me the guide came over and took pity on my stupidity and showed me how to turn them off!!!!

Constance said...

On the off chance you might be interested, here's a link on Teri Greeves and her article in C&I that I mentioned. There are pics of her umbrella and hi-tops too!

Kerri said...

The GREEN one is my favorite! :o)

I hope you have tons of safe fun on your new ATV.

Thanks for your comments, ((((Connie)))).

akeskileut said...

Nice work connie marie. When you design your patterns do you draw them out or use a program?

Connie Marie said...

The Indian Maiden is not my design. I found it online.

When I create my own pattern I use a program. :-)

Deborah said...

Very nice beadwork Connie! Pretty maids all in a row... he he he. .. well maybe a tripod, not row hehe hoho haha. I could picture you with an umbrella with those little thingys on it.... it's totally you Auntieee. Well, I hope you have a great day/weekend. Take care.


akeskileut said...

connie marie,thanks for the info...I had a program but haven't learned to use it.:-)

akeskileut said...

oops ..I meant to say, I have a program:-)

Connie Marie said...

Is that sort of like "I have a dream"?

akeskileut said...


Joann said...

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