Tuesday, April 04, 2006

About Being Online

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The things we see online!

Without the internet I wouldn't have known that little fact or even heard of it!

In the Christian circles that I am involved with I get the idea that the internet is an evil place that we should have nothing to do with. I disagree. Yes, they are right about the evil BUT... this place is also place that we can learn so much from too. They are right that the opportunities to pursue evil are overwhelming when we are online but we must learn to have self-control everywhere ---even online!

I have learned to choose self-control online too. I know the life of living Godly is not external but it is internal. My heart is endlessly evil with or without the internet. The One that can see my heart is God and I have decided I do not want to hurt Him by what I do or say, online or offline.

With the Internet the possibility to spread the great news that God is NOT out there waiting to squash your "fun" life! God is the beginning of life! God created us to bask in peace and joy. The Devil is the one that whispers in our ears, "but.. you won't have fun anymore if you learn about God". What a lie!

Back to the internet.

The world of information that is available to us online is endless! It is not like the funny email with a url that says, "You have now reached the end of the internet."

I spent many hours diagnosing my own physical problem, printed it all out and took it to my local neurologist then said, "This is what I have. Can you fix me?" The doctor was not impressed and would not even look at my work, he said, "I can do my own research!" [hmmmpf!]

Through the internet I found the best place to have the surgery I needed to treat hemi-facial spasms. It was with Dr. Jannetta in Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania. He pioneered in the microvascular decompression operation.

In my opinion the internet can be a good thing. It is so fast. It has so many possiblities for use. I made some great friends and am still finding more that I would never have known without being online. It is true that it can be used for the ugly side of life too, but so can the telephone, reading and cable t.v. just to mention a few!

So we learn to "Just say No!" to the suggestions that the evil one uses in his pursuit to "divide and conquer" our families, friendships, and especially our relationship to God. Just say no to him, he hates you and wants to destroy you---because he sees God in people, we were created "in the image of God" and he hates God.

This picture is me with my online friend "Sammi". I got to meet her and her husband Gordy in Pittsburgh after I had microvascular decompression surgery. (This picture is taken about six days after surgery!) Hi ((((Sammi))))! They were able to travel to Alaska later and visit here too.


akeskileut said...

I agree with you that it can be a good thing for learning and meeting good friends. You can make the choice of what you do with the interent.I choose to do good and please the Lord...:-) Thanks!

Kerri said...

I am so glad we have the internet. I've learned a lot, made good friends, and found ways to keep in touch with loved ones who are not here at home!