Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Bag!

I just made this beaded bag. The colors are hard to see with this picture but you can sort of see it. It was not as big as the tooth fairy bag so seemed to go fast.

The colors are hematite and garnet red. It has 43 garnet gemstones worked into the strap and the fringe and pewter pressed glass bicones.

It is beautiful here in the Valley today. My husband Doug (who is healing quite well) and my son who gets a week off from his bus driving job for spring break invited me to join them where they were burning a pile of brush. We roasted moose weiners and enjoyed the SUN!

Update: I was looking at the shamrock this morning, it has flowers! Such a happy to grow plant!

If you are interested, I have been working on streaming the 2006 Native Musicale sponsored by the Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship. Today I was working on building a new Monday Night's Online for putting up the weekly Monday night meetings as soon as I can on Tuesdays. Listen to them sometime, the singing and the testimonies are very good!


akeskileut said...

That is a nice necklace.Looks like you are keekping busy.:-) Glad to hear Doug is healing,tell him hi.

Constance said...

I find it amazing that I'm sitting here in Texas listening to "Majesty" being sung a half a world away at ANNLF! I'll bet that God our Father smiles when HE hears HIS children singing HIS praises! It's awesome that there's an instant connection between God's children wherever they may be!

Constance said...

By the way..."Moose weiners?" Is that what I think it is? Hot dogs made from moose meat?

Connie Marie said...

Yes! Poor moosie, hehehe. They are very good, Connie. If you ever get up this way... maybe we can roast a few together. :-)

I am THRILLED that you are listening to the music! The work is worth it if one person has tuned in and turned their hearts/minds toward Jesus Christ!
I am glad to have met another Texas Christian here in blogging land.

Thanks for the HUG ((((((((Kerrie)))))))) I am also glad we met, even if I don't use MSN like I used to. I am happy for you and my sister (((((((Mil))))))))'s friendship.

Constance said...

I'm pretty much "game" for anything! (pun intended!) My mother is from Germany but my father's family are a bunch of hillbillies so I grew up eating squirrel, rabbit, frog legs, venison, whatever my Grandma could cook up. Did you see the news today on the moose that was hit by a car and trapped inside it in the passenger seat? The driver was scraped up and the authorities, after freeing the moose decided its injuries were too severe and had it put it down. Another poor moosie. Somewhere, maybe someone else is having Bullwinkle Weiners!

Connie Marie said...

No, I didn't see that. That's true about someone having bullwinkle weiners somewhere because the Troopers have a list of names they call for people to come salvage moose hits.

I wonder if they do the same down the State's when there are deer killed?

The State keeps tabs on how many moose have been killed on our hwys. This number is displayed on a sign on the side of the hwy. The Valley hwys now have hit and killed a total of 209 moose. That is just in the Valley too. Lots of weiners and burger out there!

Kerri said...

I've never tried moose...but Michael has and said he enjoyed it. I haven't time to try your links yet, but will soon, I promise!

Constance said...

All the dead deer I've ever seen are lying next to the road! Seriously! It does seem like such a waste! I imagine that if you hit a moose, the authorities HAVE to be called b/c it would be pretty devastating. That quickly, the meat could be processed.

My brother-in-law hit a deer 30 miles outside Jackson WY last summer on their way to meet up with us for vacation. Unfortunately for them, it totalled their mini-van. Fortunately for them, they were all fine. They got out and looked for it but it was 1AM and they never saw anything. They limped their vehicle into town and had to get a rental.

Kerri said...

Connie, I listened and enjoyed it immensely! Your sister always tells me about Musicale and Howling Huskies. One of these years I'm going to have to come up for one or the other. Being able to hear the Musicale makes me want to try even more. :o)

Connie Marie said...

I am glad you were able to listen kerrie, it is very good to know that the streaming audio makes it possible for you to hear.

The Alaska Freedom Band is in Old Harbor and Kodiak Island this weekend. Wish I could have gone, but this is a first-time flight for the AFB in a badly maintained plane one of the band members (Steve) had purchased, rebuilt and is now is flying. God is very good!

Maybe someday they can come for a sing-time in Metlakatla! If they do, I hope I can go too! I love to get pictures from different places in Alaska.

It has not worked out for me to travel to Old Harbor (where I & akeskileut) was born with the Band yet. :-( It's expensive to fly to Kodiak.

Someday... God willing!