Thursday, March 30, 2006

Look At Me!

ChewChew ....ChewChew.....look!
Look at me puppydog.
Look, take your picture! ...Chewy... look!
[Seven,Eight, Nine,Ten pictures later]
Okay! Gooooood boy!
You want your good boy snack?
Good puppy...

Living goes on in Alaska with my little opinionated shihtzu. I love it!


Constance said...

As a scrapbooker, I have about 20 different ideas for a photo page that just jumped into my brain when I saw these cute pictures!

Connie Marie said...

My daughter Karla is a scrapbooker too and I think that the ideas for doing that never stop coming while you all are out and about. She was in South Carolina with her sister and kept grabbing stuff for her scrapbook, even some bolts/nuts from her Uncle's workplace! :-D

akeskileut said...

Nice pictures of your puppy..:-)
We have 4 kittens,they are 4 wks. They are getting playful and getting out of the box..hehe!

Kerri said...

Awww! Chewy is cute!