Friday, February 10, 2006

Running with the Big Dogs

My shih tzu Chewy.

His registered AKC name is Culuk. Culuk means feather in the Alutiiq language. You can read about it at the Alutiiq Museum. Click the title for a link there. Click here to hear it pronounced.

The dust bunnies we chase with our brooms we also called culuks. They are light, fluffy, move with every little breath of air and can be frustrating. That is why I thought Culuk was a good name for a little dog like mine.

I have been brushing and combing him so much lately not because I love to, but because if I don't he will end up being one big matted culuk! I think I need to find a good shampoo/conditioner. I have no idea what a good shampoo for long, tangly fur is. I have been using baby shampoo on him. Lately he seems to get knots (matting) overnight! Doug was alarmed when I showed him the picture with his hair in a pony tail. hehe

I never ever thought I would want an indoor dog. We have always had outdoor dogs. I miss some of our other dogs that left us.

Troika #1 was Doug's dog. He was a great dog. We had to give him up after Doug decided to finish Bible school. Troika was too big on the campus. Mister Malcolm was my short basset hound mix. He was allowed to stay with us. Frankie, he got a bit squirrely around young kids so we had to give him away. Troika #2, our animal shelter-rescued dog. Clara, she slid out from under the fence one day and we never found her. I won't forget them. Both Troika's were smart, smart dogs. Mister, he was always quiet, calm and faithful. Clara was such a pouter. Frankie could jump the highest! Well, maybe Chevy can claim that title now.

Chevy is our BIG outdoor dog.

He is 8 years old now. This winter I noticed Chevy getting up slower and stiffer. I know how that feels. I moved him into my heated garage for the winter. He lost his thick coat now. He needs an extreme brushing. I am not very sure if he likes coming in. He rather likes it outdoors.

I thought Chevy was a great name for him. He is a big Akita, lab, husky mix. He fits right in with the rest of the Chevy's in the yard too!

Chevy and Chewy running together.

"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel." Proverbs 12:10


akeskileut said...

Those are nice pics of your dogs.I enjoyed your story.

Kerri said...

Awww, I miss my dogs. :o(

You've got some nice looking ones!

mrsjojo said...

What nice looking dogs! What kind of dog is your little one? My son Jonathan and his wife Jami have a maltese and a shittsu (I think that's how you spell it) They are inside dogs and so cute. My son James and his wife have a maltese, they brought it up here for Christmas from Florida. It was a cutie and very well trained-it is about 5 months old. Our dog "Harvey" put up with him and I think he had a fun time with the dog once in awhile. I also think he was happy when the little fire ball left.

Constance said...

Although we don't have dogs at this point in our lives, there is no doubt that they are great companions. Right now I'm at my daughter Jennifer's house and she and Corey ahve 2 dogs. Abby is a beagle mix and Rocky is their "rotton lab" (Rottweiler and black lab) he's my favorite. I love big dogs. When I was young, My mother and father had a German Shepherd named Sandy. Those are my favorite kinds of dogs!