Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bigger Piece!

Most of the wood in the pile is not big and bulky and it is easy for me to handle. I don't have trouble picking it up and carrying it in to be loaded into the woodstove.

I decided to bring in a bigger piece to keep the stove going for a longer time. I picked up a heavy birch log and while I was loading it into the stove my back popped and out it went.

So, I have been on my back the last few days. Today it is about 75% better. I am still in positional pain but I can sit up longer and walk around without looking like a living "S". Not back to normal so I have to be careful.

Yesterday evening, I was tired of reading (Travels in Alaska, John Muir)so I picked up some pillows and set them just so on the couch. I carefully leaned back into them to see if I could sit and bead while I was in slomo for a while.

It worked and now the length of the strap is at 19+ inches (it is 3 inches wide)and I am feeling like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel with completing this project! (I have to get to 24 inches before I can shout, "I'm DONE!")

The design is taken from a watercolor painting that I did. I will show the painting another time. Doug liked the idea of depicting the teaching of Jesus Christ, "I am the vine, you are the branches..." on his guitar strap.

The rest of the beading should not take much longer. I need to figure out how to attach it to the leather guitar strap. I feel very uncomfortable about spreading goopy glue on this item I worked so hard on and for so long. But, that is the way the beaders do it. I will show a picture here when I complete the project.

Have a happy day.... and thank God for your strong, pain-free backs! If you are suffering like me.... get well soon!


Constance said...

Girl, I SO feel your pain!!! After my spleen was removed I had some pretty intense back pain! Apparently, in the old days, they basically gutted you and you felt agony all over! These days, they do it laproscopically and they have to seperate the spleen off from your diaphram which is why my pain was localized. It hurt just to sit down on the potty! I never realized how much I take feeling good for granted. I had to resort to painkillers just to get some relief. I was healed up just in time for Jess's wedding and then hurt it again 2 days later when I strained it lifting up a window. Back pain is the WORST!

Kerri said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry you are in pain. Part of why I stayed home yesterday was because my back was sore and stiff. It still is a bit, but I forced myself to go back in. I enjoyed the day off TOO much! I pray that you heal quickly. Back pain is so not fun!

Kerri said...

I forgot to tell you that the beading looks absolutely gorgeous!

akeskileut said...

Sorry to hear you have a backache..hugs!
Nice work on your beading..keep it up!